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by Erika on Nclex & Hesi

I am currently an LPN and find myself coming back to this site to refresh on everything, and to prepare myself for the bridge program to RN

by Tatiana on Nclex & Hesi

Good program

by Panacea on Nclex & Hesi

I used this site studying for HESI Pediatrics s and I got 921 on a go even when I only needed 850 to get my full points.

by By the best on Nclex & Hesi


by Future RN on Nclex & Hesi

Absolutely awesome...the most helpful so far. I

by karl on Nclex & Hesi

great !!!!

by Ann on Nclex & Hesi

Great !!!A+

by Ms. Tiffany Intructor on Nclex & Hesi

I use this program to help my students study and get used to answering these types of questions. To pass the HESI is what they need to graduate from nursing school, my thoughts is to keeping practicing these type of questions will "take the power" away from the HESI. I wish I had this program when I was in nursing school, it would have helped me take the fear away from this exam, but I passed anyways!! But this is a great, helpful and wonderful tool to help students get to their end goal!!!!!

by Heather on Nclex & Hesi

It is the most informative information

by Rn student on Nclex & Hesi

its great so far looking forward my grades comingg up. thanks for the site

by Dawn on Nclex & Hesi


by SuzieSuccess on Nclex & Hesi

Please add the HESI specialized exam for APRNs

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